Ministries and Auxiliaries

Appreciation Committee

Sister Cheryl Jackson

Bereavement Committee

Evangelist Bette Tate

Bible Bowl

Sister Kathy Boyd

Brotherhood Auxiliary

Elder Nathaniel Grandberry

Bulletin Committee

Sister Mary Pope

Children's Church

Sister Beverly Reese

Community Food Pantry

Missionary Jarline Young

Deaf Ministry

Sister Onelda Hite

G.C. Mills Library

Sister Naomi Reese

Global Missions

Trustee Emeritus Oerr Smith

Golden Chalices

Missionary Rhonda Paige

GONE Ministry

Missionary Jarline Young

Health Professionals

Sister Nellie Hyde

HOPE Ministry

Evangelist Lydia Farris

Hospitality Committee

Sister Gwen Jackson

Married Ministries

Deacon Victor and Sister Tierney Reid

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Ministerial Alliance

Elder Samuel Rogers

Ministers & Official Boards Wives & Widows

Sister Virginia Hibbler

Missionary Auxiliary

Evangelist Bette Tate

Multimedia Ministry

Elder Morris Appleton

Music Department

Missionary Ashley Appleton

Noble Escorts

Sister Barbara Thomas

Nursery Committee

Sister Andrea Reese

Prayer Line Ministry

Elect Lady Joyce Griffith

Reunion Committee

Sister Ernestine Mayfield

Seasons Ministry

Evangelist Lydia Farris

Sisterhood Auxiliary

Missionary Cnenda Dennis

Sunday School Department

Elder John Reese, Jr.

Transportation Department

Deacon Aaron Jackson

Usher Board

Sister Constance Davis

Youth Ministry

Sister Melanie Brown

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